Miami Vice: Remix #1

by RobertJCross on March 25, 2015

Written by: Joe Casey
Art by: Jim Mahfood

I'm a huge Miami Vice fan. Crockett and Tubbs are iconic characters in my mind. Moreso than most. That is why this comic was rather disappointing to me. I expected a lot more and this whole issue read like a trainwreck. I understand the nostalgia and the recent resurgence of franchises from the 80s, but this seems like too much. The issue starts off with Crockett and Tubbs spoofing a police chase in order to look legit to their undercover marks. Then things just get wacky from there (i.e. zombies and such) and we're left with a not very "rock-solid" cliffhanger. I'll only continue reading if I absolutely have to. It just wasn't very good. 

The writing wasn't Michael Mann-tier, if that's even possible from anyone after the original series went off air. Casey tries to implement a whole slew of new aspects into the Miami Vice universe and unfortunately for him, none of them work. The dialogue seemed alright until the halfway point. I had been reading it in my head in Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas' voices, it was a tough read after the slump began. The slump being the inclusion of a "zombie drug/bath salt" sub-plot that seemed shoehorned in. I understand that this is a "REMIX" but you have to keep some semblance of the source material. Speaking of semblance...

I hate, hate, hated the art style of Mahfood. You can see it right there on the cover. To me it looks like something a grade-schooler could draw and If it had only been the cover then I would have been fine with that. But the whole comic? Jeez Louise! I don't have much else to say about it than that. I wish they'd used the menton3 for something like this, it would have been a lot more appropriate and made the comic pop. Wishing another artist onto a comic on the first issue is not a good sign.

Not my cup of tea. Skip this unless you are a Miami Vice fanatic and even then you might wanna skip this.

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