G.I. Joe #6 (2014)

by RobertJCross on March 05, 2015

Written by: Karen Traviss
Art by: Steve Kurth

Finally! Finally we're getting a little bit of action! This issue was 80% build up of course, just as the other issues have been, but we finally got a little gun battle near the end of it all which made the build up worth it. The issue starts with the respected teams: Joes, COBRA, Separatists, Duke's team. All of which are trying hard as they can to screw the other in a global game of cat & mouse. Mostly, they are trying to take the leader of the Separatists and find the son of the COBRA leader (who is NOT the original COBRA Commander). I'm leaning towards a scenario where the son becomes the leader of COBRA and then the real fun starts. If that's the case, we'll be waiting a very long time for this to play out.

Traviss is doing a quality job with juggling the many facets of the story. The dialogue is never a problem in these comics, there's not a lot of humor in it, so the seriousness is easier to capture. The plot does drag, but I'm still hopeful that there's a reason for that. I like how she seems to know most of these characters inside and out enough to weave the story along at a movie-like pace. I enjoy it, but it is a bit slow at times. I guess that's the point though. Military espionage and all.

No complaints about Kurth. His art is still some of the best I've seen in comic bok form. I love the detail. It's paramount to everything that's being said. The movement that he draws is so fluid and expressive. I love the surroundings as well because they are so grand and epic around the characters that you can tell what country they are in just by looking off to the side of the characters. All the inanimate objects are well drawn too. Everything is good. I love it all. Amazing talent.

Things are heating up! Pick up this issue!

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