Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #4

by RobertJCross on February 26, 2015

Written by: Michael Moreci
Art by: Dan McDaid

This was an odd issue. On one hand you got to see a lot more of the human side develop, but on the other, everything to do with the apes was just setup for what is probably going to be a huge battle. It's also interesting to see Koba and Caesar being so "buddy-buddy" when you know what the future holds for both of them. From the first issue though, you start to see small little hints and such eluding to the obvious fall of the character. This makes for interesting reading on that front. The human side, not so much. I'm not really seeing the parallel
between Malcolm's wife and Pope, as they both do not appear in the subsequent film. We'll see though.

I actually felt like Moreci's writing wasn't as strong this issue. Some of the jokes felt forced and the plotline itself was kind of dragging. I've loved everything up until this point, so maybe this is just a short lull before the meaty parts of his writing come out. I'm hoping this is the case because I've been in love with most of his dialogue that the apes say, even in this issue, but the human dialogue is really killing the vibe of the piece. I think if they'd only made this comic only about the ape's point of view, then it would have been a million times more engaging. But I understand why they need to have a human element in order to connect with the audience...but aren't we related to apes...?

Now the art is still masterful and for this issue, it is where I'll be weighing most of the score because the writing was 4 or 5/10 at least. McDaid definitely has his imagery down on the ape front and I'm glad since that should be the main focus of these comics. If there was a sharp decline in the artwork I'd be pretty bent out of shape about it. I don't think it will though because while it does have to match the writing to a certain extent, it isn't as contrived. The apes though, wow, and the landscapes. He drew a zoo last issue that makes a return appearence this issue and it's just masterful. Really amazing stuff.

Good issue for the artwork, alright issue for the writing. Pick it up if you like the series!

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