Ei8ht #1

by RobertJCross on February 18, 2015

Written by: Rafael Albuquerque & Mike Johnson
Art by: Rafael Albuquerque

This comic is awesome already. It features one of my favorite things in Sci-Fi: TIME TRAVEL! In this debut issue we follow the main character as he's sent through time to find what looks like an SS officer. I'm assuming that this comic takes place in a different dimension because there are dinosaurs hanging out with human beings in the time he's sent to. The atmosphere was very "12 Monkeys"-ish, which I dug a lot and the fact that time travel has a side effect of memory loss seemed like such a great hook. I was impressed.

Albuquerque is not just a city in New Mexico where fictional and nonfictional meth is made, it's also the name of the one of the writers, the other being Johnson. And man do they do a killer job of setting up this whole world and the plot. I was only confused about a few things that were hinted at about the main character's backstory. The dialouge is smooth and to the point. No rough edges or drawn out stuff to speak of. A very concise and compact debut issue with all the cylinders revving at full speed. 

Not only did Mr. Albuquerque write this awesome comic book, but he also drew it all out. And again, he does a stellar job with everything involving the art. I was blown away by the atmosphere that this comic had in only the first few pages. It made you want to keep reading based on the art alone, the fact that the writing was so epic only made it that much better. I have nothing bad to say about any of it, all gold.

Awesome debut issue. Super stoked for the rest!

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