G.I. Joe #5 (2014)

by RobertJCross on February 11, 2015

Written by: Karen Traviss
Art by: Steve Kurth

We're back in G.I. Joe land where I'll be honest when I say that the action is becoming even more sparse as the issues continue. Everything about this comic if fantastic, but I'm hoping we get the payoff soon because I'm kinda getting bored. That's not to say that the comic is slow or anything, because it's not, I just thought that in a comic book about the military and espionage that there'd be more action. The espionage part is perfect, better than perfect. BUT I WANT EXPLOSIONS!! I want more than two guns going off in a whole issue! I want blood! I'm sure that I may be the only person who might want those things...who knows?!

Traviss is an excellent writer. The dialogue, the plot, the characters. All of her ducks are in a row as far as her writing is concerned. I just want to see her well fleshed-out characters start going to war with each other outside of the occasional phone call. Again, everything about the espionage is top notch in the writing department and I love everything Traviss does with the characters, but there's not much going on beyond that. I'm assuming we'll get some real action around issue #10 or something. I hope I'm wrong and it comes sooner.

The art by Kurth could redeem everything about the non-action. As I've stated in previous reviews, the panels are so rich with detail that you could spend the better part of a day uncovering little nook and cranny. I especially like the office environments he draws, they're so cozy and feel like actual offices. Plus if you look on the desks and chairs, you'll find more stuff that's hidden. Kurth is a killer artist and I think he brings a lot to this comic that maybe the writing is lacking...even though it isn't!

Good issue! Keep at it! It has to pay off soon, I know it!

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