Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #3

by RobertJCross on February 05, 2015

Written by: Michael Moreci
Art by: Dan McDaid

Man, this is getting really good and it's vastly becoming a great addition to the mythos. An excellent bridge from Rise to Dawn. This issue we see more aggression from the alpha ape, Pope, who is building an army to fight against Caesar. On the other end of the spectrum we have Malcolm trying to protect his family while fighting against the clock with his wife's sickness and the psychotic army of humans that wait at every turn. There are a few parallels between the two groups and I like that it's implied that it's not only on a genetic level...but a situational one as well. I had the same feelings during my viewings of the movies. Good stuff.

Moreci has full control of this universe so far and I'm loving what he's doing to the characters. In previous issues, I was worried that he was rehashing the same story from the movie and just replacing Koba with Pope, but so far it's going a different route. But we'll definitely see if something will be done to insure the "many years of peace" that Caesar talked about in the film. Beyond that, Malcom's story is shaping up just fine and will transition well into the film. I like the idea of roving armies stalking survivors in America, you could make a whole movie based on that. Great dialogue too, I love it.

McDaid is a quality artist as well and he really captures the ape's movements well in every panel. The humans are just human and while that isn't necessarily as exciting as the apes, he does a good job of it. The ape fighting is amazing though and everything really does seems plausible. Even some of the background details are heartbreaking and add to the character of the whole issue. Nothing to complain about, it's all very well done.

Pick it up! Killer issue!

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