Escape From New York #3

by RobertJCross on February 04, 2015

Written by: Christopher Sebela
Art by: Diego Barreto

SNNNNAAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEE!! Such an absolute badass. This was a killer issue that filled my mind with a lot of alternative stories and scenarios in its universe. We start out with a continuation of what occurred last issue and a bloody beginning. Snake ends up in a position of servitude for a brief instance, but in true Snake fashion, he finds a way to overcome any form of shackles. The Twins from the previous issues really give Snake a run for his money and I can see this as a worthy continuation of Plissken's mythology. Loving it!

Sebela really is taking Carpenter's mythos and expanding it into realms that I don't even think he thought about when he created Snake all those years ago. I totally could see this whole arc so far being a movie and making a boatload of money from fans of the original. Hell, I know I'd be there for the midnight showing with an eyepatch on. I really do love the writing though, the dialogue especially. All of Snake's words run through your mind in his voice and his actions are all that you'd expect. Amazing work.

Gold in artistic form by Barreto again this month. Killer drawings of snake and of the landscape of Florida where Snake is now essentially prisoner by his own design. The movements were all very fluid and the emotions on the faces were all very real. This issue is another one that I was amazed by its scope and detail in every panel. And of course every panel that Snake was in was like watching a film. His signature stance and attire was the most brooding part of the whole package. I loved it, can't get enough of it.

You gotta start reading this one. It's phenomenal! Pick it up!

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