Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #2

by RobertJCross on December 24, 2014

Written by: Michael Moreci
Art by: Dan McDaid

Now we get some fleshy parts of the PotA storyline that peak my interest. In the last issue, Malcolm from the film was protecting his sick wife from essentially abandoning her family in some lonely suicidal martyrdom. In this issue, she joins him and his son Alex on a little road trip out of the boonies and towards San Fran, but on the way they hit some bumps in the process. On the ape side of town, we see the new ape Pope take two smaller apes on a food run that turns deadly and sets the tone for where eventually Koba will learn some of his destructive traits.

Moreci does a pretty solid job with the ape's inner monolouge, but the human dialouge is extremely exposition filled with the character asking and answering questions about past events that aren't shown in the panels. I don't know, it felt kind of like most of it was filler to jump scenes. Like I said though, the ape stuff was great just like the first issue and everything written about Pope makes me want to hate him, but he hasn't done anything as heinous as Koba yet...still got 4 issues though...we'll see!

McDaid kills it yet again in the art department. I loved a lot of what he was doing with the setpieces and the ape's expressions. The human qualities in the ape faces really make you relate to their struggle, and then of course the actual humans are about as relatable as a stale bundt cake. But that's the beauty of these stories and this universe. We find our true human compassion because we're able to be empathic towards animals that (while certainly straddling the line of intelligence) are weaker than us. The art and the imagery help cement this fact, even moreso than some of the writing.

Great issue. PICK IT UP!!!!

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