Eternal Warriors: Days of Steel #1

by RobertJCross on November 06, 2014

Written by: Peter Milligan
Art by: Cary Nord

This is my first go around with Valiant Comics and oh boy was I in for a treat. This comic is spectacular and hits al the right notes at all the right times. I'm honestly becoming surprised by the quality of some of these indies. They put most of what the "Big 2" are releasing to shame. The premise is simple: Immortal warrior fights through history at the back and call of a "godlike" being named the Geomancer (kinda corny, but whatever). In this issue, he's looking to save the Franks and their precious culture from annihilation by finding and protecting a baby. It's a really cool concept and I enjoyed reading it a lot.

Milligan does a really great job all around. I don't have any complains, sans GEOMANCER (just kidding). The dialouge from the main character was very linear and brooding, which fit him well for what he was. The rest of the character's dialogues were written accordingly. And of course the story is stellar, as I've been saying.

Then the art by Nord (another slight chuckle-worthy coincidence) is really great as well, which puts this comic above most I've read this month. Everything was consistent and the bloody fights were tastefully carried out. All the period dress looked spot on and the history was all there. I recognized things that I remembered from history classes long gone. Amazing artwork.

I'm kinda bummed this is only a 3-issue arc. Great start so far.

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