Ex-Con #2

by RobertJCross on October 08, 2014

Written by: Duane Swierczynski
Art by: Keith Burns

This comic really has come out of left field for me. The first issue was a masterpiece and this issue is more of the same. The dynamics that the main character go through are just so rich that you're biting your nails between two pages (or 10 panels) of comic. It's a lovely thing, this comic. I don't doubt that it'll be the hallmark of Dynamite comics by the end of the end of its run. I've read a few Dynamite publications and none of them have even come close to this in terms of quality. But, again, enough praise. The comic continues after the stellar first issue with Cody trying to take care of a job, while working a job, while running a job. A lot is going on and by the last panel, you may have to go back so you can catch up.

Swierczynski's writing is just killer. It's another one of those nice moments when you're reading the dialogue in the character's voice and it sounds so convincing that you feel as though you're watching a film or television show. I love every word that Cody or the other characters say, some of it even adds to the mystique. The story is intriguing enough and original enough that I am constantly guessing and I'm constantly surprised. The only thing I didn't like this issue was VERY minor, and that was the "re-cap" of the previous issue by Cody's narration. I wondered why he'd put it into the actual panels instead of the splash page in the beginning.

And now Burns. This guy is also an amazing addition to comics. His art just exudes the era and the setpieces are classic. I love that it's based in the 80s and he draws it like it's Frank Miller, it just fits together perfectly. Add to that, the lighting in every panel, which is intense. There is a panel where Cody is standing near window blinds and the sunlight hitting his face through every blind was awesome. High quality art for a great comic.

I enjoyed this issue as much as the first and I'm hoping that the goodness continues.

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