G.I. Joe #1 (2014)

by RobertJCross on September 25, 2014

Written by: Karen Traviss
Art by: Steve Kurth

What's more American than 50 bald eagles eating apple pie on the roof of a baseball stadium as the National Anthem is being sung by country music superstar Dolly Parton? Yup, you guessed it: G.I. JOE! And the whole gang is back in the newest literation of military operations and COBRA takedowns. This time we see a mostly peaceful time in which the world doesn't need the JOE crew as much as they used to because COBRA has decided to let go of their former "bad guy" image and lay low. In laying low though, you can probably guess what they're really doing in seclusion. Everything about this comic played out to spec, which was pretty good. It was like a good movie, better than the G.I. JOE movies for sure.

Traviss is a pretty solid writer and her nuances for past glory in the G.I. JOE timeline are subtle, but still good. Early on, you have to pay close attention to everything that's taking place because there are a lot of jumps. I was pleasantly surprised by all the callbacks and the main cliffhanger, felt like a really well polished revamp. Another thing she did (which she probably won't get credit for) was make Baroness so ugly in her words, even if she's beautiful on the outside, I loved this dynamic. It felt like in JOEs past that Baroness was just a follower and didn't really have a voice, but here she's almost as double-crossing as the best COBRA Commander.

Oh man, the art! Kurth absolutely killed it. Every single panel was so well done that I doubletaked on a few because of all the detail that he put into it. I mean, if you look at some of the areas and rooms he draws, look on the desks and floors. Small things like a steaming cup of coffee, a newspaper with a headline from an event that happened 4 pages earlier, a signature on a contract...etc. It was so good and added to the atmosphere of the whole comic. Also, look at the things on the JOE team members, really pay attention to the small wrinkles in the clothing and the pins and stuff. Amazing art!

This was super cool and I want to see what happens next! Check it out!

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