Hellraiser: Bestiary #2

by RobertJCross on September 17, 2014

"Old Hat To Raise The Devil"
Written by: Christopher Taylor

Art by: Jason Shawn Alexander

"Hellbound Desires"
Written by: Ben Meares

Art by: Amancay Nahualpan

"The Hunted, Part Two"
Written by: 
Ben Meares & Mark Miller
Art by: Carlos Magno

Three new demented entries into this Hellraiser series. I'll say it right here, these pieces are not for the faint of heart. There was easily enough blood in just the first story to fill a river. Speaking of the first story, it was great. Think of the story of Robert Johnson (famed blues guitarist who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for guitar talent, only to die at a young age) and add the twisted world of Hellraiser, such an amazing piece. The second story was more of a blurp, condemning internet perverts, but good nonetheless. And lastly, the third was a continuation of a section from the first issue...with a nice last panel that will make you think pretty deeply and want the next installment.

The writing in all the stories was awesome, with the first section edging out the other two because of its originality. Taylor obviously did his homework with regards to Robert Johnson and his tragic life. You felt sorry for the character he created and big reveal at the end was sweet to the taste. Meares definitely shines with the second and last piece. The last two panels of the second and the last of the third were so good, that even if their respective stories were trash, those panels alone redeemed the whole. I was thoroughly impressed with it.

Again, Old Hat takes the cake in this department as well. Alexander's lighting and shading in his art is amazing. There were instances where you could not tell whether you were looking at a real picture or something that was drawn. Not to say that the other's didn't kill it in the art department, but Alexander reigned over the hell that was his panels. Nahualpan's panels were pretty good, but they were in short supply. And Magno made the best of what he had and ran with it. All in all, solid efforts from all three artists.

Another great issue, can't wait for #3!

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