Daphne Byrne #3 Review

by Olivier Roth on March 04, 2020

Written by: Laura Marks

Art by: Kelley Jones

Colors by: Michelle Madsen

Lettering by: Rob Leigh

Published by: DC Black Label - Hill House Comics


Daphne Byrne has been an interesting read up to date. After three issues, I’m starting to get a sense of where the story may go, but I’m still not a hundred percent sure. I’m also not that sure that I know what is going on exactly from issue to issue other than the fact that Daphne, our lead character, is being haunted… yes, let’s go with haunted, by a boy that only she can see, who can telepathically communicate with her, and who has provided her with telekinetic powers as well. All this and her mother seems to be embroiled, without really knowing it, with what appears to be a cult. 


I think what is my principal source of confusion is that this series is probably one that would read a lot better in one sitting or in collected format. It’s an interesting read on its own, but there is a lot of remembering that needs to be done to really follow. Exposition of past issues is light to non-existent, which wouldn’t usually be a problem, but the story has been slow enough that a quick reminder would have been nice. 


Jones and Madsen on art deliver a very “old-school” horror vibe throughout. It’s not a style you see as frequently these days, which makes it unique in that sense. It’s a little on the dark side, the use of shadows is omnipresent, but that does add to the setting somewhat. Where it detracts a little is that I caught myself sometimes not knowing which character is which in a panel (with the exception of Daphne, who is very distinctive with her long, jet-black hair).

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