Star Trek vs Transformers #4 (of 5) Review

by Olivier Roth on January 17, 2019

Written by: John Barber and Mike Johnson

Art by: Philip Murphy

Colors by: Josh Burcham

Letters by: Christa Miesner

Published by: IDW


First off, the following is a pretty big spoiler for the end of issue 3, but oh well. Captain Kirk “piloting” Fortress Maximus transformed into a semi USS Enterprise / semi transformer is a visual I never knew I wanted!


As for the issue itself, Barber and Johnson keep the action fast throughout as we see the fight between the Decepticons/Klingons and the Autobots/Federation from a few vantage points this issue. There’s the aforementioned Captain Kirk v Trypticon, Megatron and the Klingons v a returning Optimus and the Federation (as they avoid the Titans fighting alongside them) and finally, finally, we get a Starscream betrayal.


All this is leading up to the conclusion in issue 5 which will see the fight be brought to the Klingon homeworld as Starscream escapes there with the Decepticons and Autobots/Federation in tow.


It’s a pretty fun issue that continues to bank on major nostalgia for the old Transformers and Star Trek cartoons, but knowing this going in, makes it all the more fun. Seeing all of these characters interact with one another is a treat and works really well. More old cartoon comics should work this way.


The only real negative I have for this particular issue is that after establishing the fight in one location for four issues, Barber and Johnson move everything to a second location in the final issue. Small little tidbit, but noticeable.

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