Rainbow Brite #1 Review

by Olivier Roth on October 03, 2018

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artist: Brittney Williams

Colorist: Valentina Pinto

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Published by: Dynamite


The continuation of revamps from old comic/cartoon/media properties continues with the debut of the new all-ages series from Dynamite: Rainbow Brite! And what a debut. I can see right now that this is going to be a really fun and cute series that will really appeal to the younger crowd. This has the hallmarks of being a series that will do really well in the Scholastic/Graphic Novel market.


The story starts off like a lot of fantasy style start off: we are introduced to Willow and Wisp, two young girls who love to LARP (live action role play) as their alter egos the wizard and the warrior. The first half of the issue sees them having fun around Willow’s house and how Willow’s family dynamic works and to a lesser degree Wisp’s family as well.


That night, as Wisp is falling asleep, she hears a racket coming from outside in regards to her mom’s car. She bravely (or maybe foolishly) goes outside to confront whatever is out there, only to find actual monsters stealing the color blue from her mom’s car.


This all leads to her meeting a sprite named Twinkle and her first steps in her journey in Rainbow Land.


Brittney Williams’ art and Valentina Pinto’s colours are exactly what you would expect, and want really, from an all-ages comic book. Everything is expressive, not too complicated and bright (and darker when needed). It’s very reminiscent of comics such as Brave Warriors and Adventure Time, and that is not at all a bad thing.


Overall, this is a fun debut issue that accomplishes the task of reintroducing a whole new generation to Rainbow Brite. I can see this title having some staying power, especially once it hits the graphic novel market.

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