The Family Trade #5 Review

by Olivier Roth on February 21, 2018

Written by: Justin Jordan & NIkki Ryan

Art by: Morgan Beem

Letters by: Rachel Deering

Published by: Image Comics


Issue five sees the conclusion of The Family Trade, a unique story given to us by the writing team of Jordan and Ryan with beautiful art by Morgan Beem.


The story unfolds pretty much how I thought it would after reading the last issue: Jessa confronts the Bookmaker, and all the misunderstandings start to fade away as comprehension as to the plot against the Family begins to reveal itself.


How it ultimately goes down however, is something I didn’t exactly see coming which is a great treat, since too often these days, the plots of stories are a little to telegraphed. The downfall of Berghardt is also exactly how I would imagine a certain political faction would like to see a certain head of state go down (Jordan and Ryan have made no hints to hide who Berghardt is a representation of in their comic).  


After reading this issue, to anyone who does, I highly recommend you read Jordan’s postscript. There he explains that, even though this is last issue for this run, he is looking into opportunities to bring the series back in graphic novel format and to that I say: good luck and I hope it happens. These types of stories, with a new world and new characters, aren’t always going to set the comic world on fire, but sometimes they deserve to have a bigger platform, a longer run. And this is one such comic.


Also, everything in their power they can do should be done to give us more Morgan Beem comics.

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