Bombshells United #12 Review

by Olivier Roth on February 21, 2018

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Sandy Jarrell

Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick

Published by: DC Comics


With issue number twelve, we come to the conclusion of the second storyline for the United series by Marguerite Bennett. Like a lot of conclusions, this one gets all the action over with really quickly to dedicate the rest of the issue to the repercussions.


As we left off in the last issue, Batwoman and Montoya’s resurrected son Jason discovered how the Lazarus Pit actually affects the ones that come into contact with it, and decides that it is a price he is unwilling to pay. With the help of the labyrinth Minotaur and Isis, Black Adam’s long-dead wife, they essentially break the curse of the Lazarus Pit and go back to their eternal slumber.


And that, was all the action in the issue. The remainder of the issue is dedicated to a touching moment between Batwoman and Jason as she slowly realizes who her true soulmate is through the allegory of the red string. We also get a touching moment as Black Adam finally realizes what is truly important in life and lets himself accept it. And finally, we get the aftermath and see all our heroes go their separate ways.


This is the type of issue that is a little bit harder to critique since it acts more as a wrap-up and through the nature of this series, doesn’t really give any indication to what will be coming next. However, it is still a heartwarming issue that is beautifully written and is a treat to read.


Jarrell’s art also compliments the story quite well and she has a hint of Cliff Chiang in her style which will keep her on my radar of artists to follow. Her linework though is intensified by probably by my favorite issue on colors that Fitzpatrick has ever done. They are a great team that I hope to see work together again in the future. And to end, the cover for this issue is spectacular. I really want to see a Jarrell/Fitzpatrick Mary Marvel series now.

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