Hack/Slash vs Vampirella #5

by Olivier Roth on February 15, 2018

Writer: Shawn Aldridge

Artist: Rapha Lobosco

Colors: Chris O’Halloran

Published by: Dynamite


With this final issue of the mini-series, Hack/Slash vs Vampirella proved one thing to me: if you have a simple premise for a team-up, some good writing and fast-paced action, you’ll have a successful mini-series that can live on its own.


And that is exactly what we got from Aldridge and Lobosco over these past five issues. The premise was simple: a demonic being, the Blood Queen, is capturing the hearts of unsuspecting people to offer up to her lord. She’s the sworn enemy of Vampirella and therefore goes after her specifically, Hack and Slash get caught up in the middle of things and decide to help out Vampirella.


Like I said, a pretty simple premise that just works. This final issue resolves the entire conflict, however with a curveball thrown in here and there to keep the reader guessing. I loved how Cassie tries to at one point talk down the Blood Queen pointing out how she is clearly being used - all while having her head draped in snakes. This whole scene is wonderfully done and credit to Lobosco for doing an excellent job demonstrating feeling within this sequence of panels.


Other than that, there isn’t much else to say about this final issue other than to say it’s a great afternoon read combining two very fun properties. Hopefully we get to see more in the future.

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