Harley & Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #3

by Olivier Roth on December 08, 2017

Written by: Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko

Drawn by: Laura Braga and Adriana Melo

Colored by: Arif Prianto

Published by: DC Comics and Archie Comics


After the events that closed out issue number 2, our heroines have suffered a freaky Friday style body swap thanks to the likes of Zatanna and Sabrina’s magic. So, what can these ladies get up to while they are body-swapped? Actually, relatively nothing to be quite honest.


Last issue, after being zapped by Zatanna and Sabrina, Betty and Veronica ended up in Harley and Ivy’s bodies and were subsequently “rescued” by Catwoman. This rescue leads Catwoman to drive both of the ladies back to Gotham city where, upon waking up, realize a few things: one, that they are stuck in an unfamiliar city with no means to get back to Riverdale, and two, they seem to have inherited Harley and Ivy’s powers (though, I don’t know when Harley gained powers, but oh well).


Back in Riverdale, Harley and Ivy wake up to the smell of breakfast in bed, and in the bodies of Betty and Veronica. Unlike the other girls, Ivy realizes that this body swap proves to be a great opportunity to get her plan to save the Sweetwater marsh into action. However, the one setback is that Harley and Ivy have to still continue the lives of Betty and Veronica, and this means going to school!


As much as the hijinx was fun throughout the issue, it still felt a little lacking in parts. Braga and Melo’s art continues to be a high point of the series, but the story kinda took a backseat for this issue. It’s not that it was bad, not by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just that it was riddled with tropes and you could see where most of the story was going from a few pages out.

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