Mister Miracle #3

by Olivier Roth on October 11, 2017

Mister Miracle #3

Writer: Tom King
Pencils and Colors: Mitch Gerards
Published by: DC Comics


Mister Miracle has been one of the best breath of fresh air in today’s comic book landscape. In today’s landscape of heroes fighting heroes, heroes fighting villains, everyone fighting everyone in a continuous and never ending battle, it is uncommon sight to get a truly introspective look at the effects that these “heroics” have on one of these heroes. Superimpose this introspection with a battle between gods, in which our titular hero is caught up in, and you get the makings of a very fine comic book story indeed.


In this issue, Scott Free, Mister Miracle, lies in bed with his wife Barda as he recalls a story that was told to him by Granny Goodness, after the incredible happenings of the last issue. As he tells this chilling story of lost hope on pretty deaf ears, you can see that Scott is spiralling within his own world.


This leads to an interaction with Forager in Scott’s living room as we are given more information as to the war that is currently unfolding between the forces of Darkseid and Orion. For Forager, a New God who is part of the Bug colony, this war means only one thing: the overwhelming death of his adopted people as they are used as cannon fodder by Orion. This leads to one of the more shocking moments in this young series.


All the while, we continue getting the message: Darkseid is. What could that mean in the context of this series? I’m sure we'll find out.


The team-up of King and Gerards continues to astound. Now that we are three issues, you can tell that a lot of love is going into this comic series and that we are all the better for it. King’s writing is a cut above most other series at this time and Gerards art continues to be the perfect complement.

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