Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter #1

by Olivier Roth on September 26, 2017

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter #1

Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Tom Mandrake
Colors by: Sian Mandrake
Published by: Titan Comics


I’m going to start this review off a little differently than usual and say this about the comic: I’m really happy they added an interview with Hammer Films historian Marcus Hearn at the back of the comic for one simple reason: I had no idea Captain Kronos was originally a movie from the 1970s that was created to be like a Marvel Comics character brought to life on the big screen. Some may have forgotten, but there was a massive monster craze back in the 70s (see: Blade, Tomb of Dracula, and so forth) and Captain Kronos truly feels like he fits in.


Saying all that, my first impression after reading this comic was that Captain Kronos did indeed feel like he could be at home in a Marvel comic set in the 19th century. The issue starts off with Kronos and his assistants Grost, his teacher, and Carla, the newcomer, as they are fighting off a horde of vampires that have been terrorizing the English countryside. Unlike some vampires in the common lore, these don’t seem to disintegrate upon death, which makes for quite an awkward site when a legion of soldiers passes by our heroes after the fight.


However, since this is comics, once Kronos introduces himself as a vampire hunter, the soldier's changed their tune and request his help in dealing with quite a serious problem a nearby village has been having a nocturnal problem: a fiend called Slake has taken residence in this border town and taken over a whole quarter to himself and his legion.


The art in this issue by Mandrake is exactly what I look for when I seek out horror-style comics. There is a certain grittiness to his pencils and the inking/coloring really helps sell this comic. It reminds me of the horror comics from the 70s in its esthetic and because of this, increased my enjoyment of the comic.


Abnett, in this first issue, has done a wonderful job of reintroducing the world to Captain Kronos and his assistants to a new generation. In just one issue you already get a sense of who these three characters are. Kronos is the self-assured, strong lead; Grost is the wily veteran with all the knowledge, and Carla is the brash, young newcomer. This, coupled with the fantastic art, truly makes a great first issue.

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