The High Republic #10 Review

by NumidianPrime on October 22, 2021

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Georges Jeanty
Letterer: VC's Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel

The newest issue in Marvel's The High Republic run continues the new arc of the series, taking Keeve and Terec undercover to infiltrate the Nihil. When the Nihil demand that Keeve prove her loyalty by killing a former ally, the two Jedi are forced to stall for time while their allies race to their aid. 

This arc represents a new direction for the series after the initial eight issues focused on developing and resolving the Drengir threat. The new story brings the comic closer to the overall direction of the High Republic intiative, which is really exciting and fun for somebody who's been following along with all of the other books and comics, but I imagine someone who hasn't been might end up a little thrown by the unfamiliar characters and new antagonists. There's enough recap that I don't think anyone will end up too confused, but some beats might not land quite as hard. 

The action and development that Keeve gets in this issue is great, I enjoyed seeing her put in this tough situation. The biggest flaw of the issue doubles as one of its strengths too: how quickly it flies by. The series is very good at getting me engaged and leaving me immediately wanting more. I particularly would've liked to have seen more with Sskeer considering the teases of a reveal that's been set up since the first issue of the series. 

I was impressed with how well Jeanty's art did this issue in capturing the feel of Ario Anindito's style, to the point that I don't think I would notice a jarring change in artists without directly comparing. The feeling the art creates for the High Republic era is really unique compared to other Star Wars comics and it does a good job of giving the series its own distinctive identity. 

I really enjoyed this issue and the cliffhanger has me very invested in seeing what happens next. I'm happy with the fast pace the series keeps; I know it might feel like it doesn't have enough breathing room at times but I think it's found a nice balance and this arc seems like it's going to give everything the amount of attention it deserves by the end. We're getting close to the finale of this story's first phase, leaving me both excited and nervous, but I'm confident this team won't let me down. 

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