Star Wars Adventures (2020) #7 Review

by NumidianPrime on July 30, 2021

Writers: Sam Maggs, Landry Q. Walker
Artists: Liana Kangas, Nick Brokenshire
Letterer: Johanna Nattalie
Publisher: IDW

This month's issue of Star Wars Adventures kicks off a new two-part main story featuring Luke and Leia on a mission to find a new rebel place, scouting out a familiar location while doing so. Meanwhile, the backup story brings back a long-forgotten tale of the Crimson Corsair and his merry band on their quest to recover old Separatist treasure. 

I had a lot of fun with the main story. The premise of the Original Trilogy cast trying to find a site for a rebel base in this time period is one that's been mined heavily in comics over the years, but this one is set apart by its setting. Visiting Bogano, a world from Jedi: Fallen Order, is a really interesting twist not just because it's a cool connection but because of the planet's unique ties to the Force and the implications that has for Luke. Luke and Leia's banter keeps the story light and fun, which is important for the comic's target audience, while feeling genuinely like siblings even if they don't know it yet. The art style has a very minimal and cute feel that enhances the tone of the story, and the boglings appropriately couldn't be more adorable. 

I can't understate how much I enjoyed the backup story as well. I've been waiting for a continuation to the Crimson Corsair's story for years now, so my expectations for this issue were high, but it didn't let me down in the least. The caper shows off each crew member in their own fun way, culminating in the return of a character I've been dying to see again. The story feels like a completely natural continuation of what came before it while standing on its own and feeling like a pilot for other future stories. Brokenshire's grittier, rougher style enhances the tone of the story in the same way as the other's did in a different way. 

Overall, I think this issue represented exactly what I want from the series on a monthly basis: smaller, fun, accessible storytelling that pulls from all corners of the franchise to capture the attention of a younger audience. It may not be as epic as the stories in the other comics this week from Marvel's, but it's definitely my favorite. I can't wait to see what happens in the second installment of the Luke and Leia story, and I'll be very disappointed if I have to wait another few years to get a continuation of the Corsair's story.

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