Star Wars: The High Republic #3 Review

by NumidianPrime on March 07, 2021

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Ario Anindito
Letterer: Ariana Maher
Publisher: Marvel

This week's installment in Marvel's new The High Republic series continues Keeve and Sskeer's investigation into the mysterious death of a Hutt, and how it might relate to a dangerous new threat that could have dire consequences for the Jedi and the Republic.

This issue only made me more confident in my feeling that this is the best Star Wars comic currently running. Every aspect of the series is firing on all cylinders for me, from the plot to the characters to the artwork. Keeve continues to be a great protagonist to follow for this story and she may be my favorite character in the greater High Republic initiative so far. Her compassion and inexperience and personality quirks all strike the right balance in making a classic Star Wars character. The rest of the cast is solid as well; Avar in particular gets a moment in the issue I loved that reminded me of why I liked the character so much when we met her in Light of the Jedi. 

The issue is also a big one because it introduces what are shaping up to be the primary threat of the series for the forseeable future: the Drengir. We saw some of the Drengir previously in one of the High Republic novels but this is our first look at them in comic format, and they do not disappoint. We learn even more here about what they can do and their visualization only makes them even more creepy and unsettling. They feel like a real threat to the Jedi and I'm very interested to learn more about their motives here and how it all relates to what's been going on with Sskeer. 

The at for the issue and the series so far is without a doubt the best we've gotten in Marvel Star Wars comics for a while, I really hope to see Anindito stick with the series. The character designs and facial expressions really shine, for both the humans and the aliens. The series feels appropriately big and epic in scale, and the depiction of the Drengir makes them more menacing than I had expected. 

This seies is definitely a must-read fo all fans of Star Wars comics. The wider Marvel slate is already looking pretty decent so far and this series still manages to shine above the rest. I'm really looking forward to following it for the rest of its hopefuly long run and I hope that it can keep up this level of quality the whole way. 

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