Doctor Aphra #25 Review

by NumidianPrime on October 24, 2018

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artists: Kev Walker, Marc Deering, Java Tartaglia

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Publisher: Marvel


I’ve always liked Aphra as a character since she was introduced in the 2015 run of the Darth Vader comic and I was happy that she got her own series after that run ended. The first couple arcs were fun and the third one was great, I was really pleased with the series overall. This current arc, The Catastrophe Con, was fun enough but it was my least favorite arc so far, it just didn’t catch me as much as the others did.

Yeah, that changed after this issue.

The plot picks up where the last issue left off, concluding this current arc and setting up the next one. Darth Vader has arrived on Accresker Jail, which is currently hurtling towards the surface of a planet below; Sana has been sent back to the Rebellion; Aphra called Tam to the jail under the false pretense that she has Evazan for him; and Aphra is now suggesting using the Bor on herself.

I’m hesitant to talk any more about the specifics of the plot just because of how surprising it is, talking any more about it would veer into spoiler territory. The comic does several twists and turns that are hard to see coming yet make perfect sense. There are some developments that I’m still shocked by and I’m really curious to see if they stick.

Aphra’s characterization continues to be on point. Every time you think you can see some good in her and she might have some potential, she does something heartless in the name of self-preservation that makes you reconsider. All of the other characters are used well too. Vader is exactly as he should be, a menacing force that can’t be stopped and can barely be avoided. Seeing other characters like Sana and Hera is always fun, and there may or may not be some other surprises in that department. I do miss Laiso’s art from the last arc and I’m looking forward to him coming back for the next arc but the art here from Walker is still solid.

The ending of this issue sold me on the entire arc and made me appreciate it more. It was good, especially after this issue, but the ending really elevated it in more ways than one. After the ending I went back to read the earlier issues in this arc, there’s some excellent foreshadowing that helps the twist not feel like it’s out of nowhere. I’m more excited for this series than I’ve ever been, I cannot wait to see where the next arc goes now because the ending of this issue set up some really interesting ideas for the future.

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