Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens #2 Review

by Nick Devonald on April 21, 2021

Writers: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden
Artist: Bridgit Connell
Colours: Michelle Madsen
Letters: Clem Robins

Lady Baltimore is finding itself the flagship comic for the recently announced Outerverse which Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden are pouring their creative energies into. The decision to combine Baltimore and Joe Golem into a shared universe, and for both of those stories to be a small sample of a much larger universe, seems to have infused Mignola and Golden with stories aplenty. This new chapter in the universe, coinciding with the Second World War, seems to be brimming with possibilities. The first issue served as a reintroduction to our heroine and this new world she finds herself in, while this second issue dives headfirst into telling the story.

There are a number of other mini stories planned, including Imogen of the Wyrding Way, which features Lady Baltimores mysterious new friend, and Cojacaru the Skinner (which coincidentally releases on the same day as this issue). Tales designed to introduce us to some of the major players in this ongoing epic, characters who deserve their own stories instead of just an introduction in the main storylines. It’s an exciting time to be a Mignola fan. With Hellboy, and the B.P.R.D., nicely wrapped up now Mignola is expending all his energy on this new shared universe with his collaborator Christopher Golden.

As the story unfolds Lady Baltimore still finds herself in Baltimore’s shadow. Despite his death, many years before, it’s her connection to him which characters keep referring back to. And there is the rumour that perhaps his ghost is still out there, that his story isn’t over, which keeps coming back. It’s too early to say how the story will unfold, but hopefully whatever choices are made after this mini-series Sofia manages to stand on her own merits rather than because of her connection to Baltimore.

Bridgit Connell is an excellent choice for artist on the series. Her style is reminiscent of the previous Baltimore series, instantly familiar to readers of those comics, but the monsters she’s designed are inspired and stand apart from the other creatures in the series. The flying creatures introduced at the end of the last issue look incredibly, suitably monstrous, threatening and foreign. The characters are instantly recognisable from earlier stories. But it never feels like she is imitating previous artists within the universe, Connell has a style all of her own, which is in keeping with previous stories.

Michelle Madsen is no stranger to working with Mignola and has coloured a lot of previous (and current) stories within the Outerverse. Having the same colourist working on a number of titles from different artists within a shared universe helps to ground the tales in that same world and give them a similar feel. Her colours look great no matter the setting.

Fans of either Baltimore, Joe Golem, or Mignola’s work in general will love this series. It’s paving the way for a new shared universe with plenty of potential for the future, numerous new characters and stories just begging to be explored. As opposed to Hellboy, who’s ending was prophesised early in the series, this series has so much potential and could go in any direction.

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