Firefly: Brand New 'Verse #2 Review

by Nick Devonald on April 21, 2021

Writer: Josh Lee Gordon
Artist: Fabiana Mascolo
Colours: Lucia Di Giammarino
Letters: Jim Campbell

So what happens when you take a cult classic, jump forward twenty years in time, replace familiar faces with an almost completely new cast, and make the central protagonist of the story the daughter of one of the classic characters? That is the question that Brand New ‘Verse sets out to tell with the Firefly universe, and while the first issue was filled with so much potential it was far too early to tell if it would live up to expectations. This second issue goes a long way to answering those questions. The (new) crew have all the recklessness and irresponsibility of the classic Serenity crew, and then same penchant for mischief. But if we get past Zoe’s presence and the ship being Serenity, that old and familiar Firefly class ship, what makes this a Firefly story? The reappearance of several fan favourite characters in a way that will absolutely delight fans and goes a long way to repair the damage done by the main Firefly series.

That’s probably one of the most exciting premise of the series, getting a chance to see where our crew have got to, now they’re all grown up. This is what will make or break the series, and if this second issue is anything to go by Josh Lee Gordon knows how to deliver exactly what fans are after. Following on from the poorer main Firefly series expectations aren’t necessarily too high for this spin off, but this issue will delight and excite fans.

Fabiana Mascolo does a great job with the art, the mission our crew started at the end of the last issue is beautifully brought to life, filled with scenes instantly recognisable to fans, that emulate scenes from Firefly without ever feeling like a rip off. More of a knowing nod. Serenity is beautifully brought to life, and the reappearance of several old friends is skilfully done, instantly recognisable despite the years that have passed. Lucia Di Giammarino’s colours are spot on and the final piece in the artistic puzzle which makes this comic look great.

It captures the frenetic energy and crews penchant for mischief that the TV series was filled with, while also having it’s own identity. It’s got its feet firmly rooted in the Firefly universe and the reappearance of several old friends is skilfully done and will delight fans. This comic is likely the closest that fans can expect to a full sequel to Firefly/Serenity, and as such it does a great job with the ‘Verse.

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