King in Black Handbook

by Nick Devonald on March 03, 2021

Not a comic per se makes it slightly different to review the King in Black handbook than a typical comic. There will be no discussion around writing, plot, or art. Rather we’ll take a look at how well written it is, whether or not the information is interesting or relevant, and just who this Handbook is for.

First up lets cover who this Handbook is aimed at.

Want to get involved with this big King in Black event which is currently consuming the Marvel universe but don’t know what a symbiote is? Or perhaps you know who Venom is, but have never heard of All-Black before? Then the King in Black Handbook is exactly what you need, over 40 pages detailing all of the major players in this event in plenty of detail.

Even if your knowledge of Marvel is quite extensive, you’re familiar with All-Black from the pages of Thor, you’ve been reading Venom since his inception and are all too knowledgeable about his roster of different hosts over the years, Flash Thompson, Lee Price, you know who Anti-venom is, are you familiar with some of the more obscure characters? Perhaps you were reading last years Scream mini-series but had to load up Wikipedia once Big Mother appeared, wondering just who or what she was? Then pick this up.

Perhaps you’ve been following along with events of Venom, but have only been reading Marvel for the past few years. This will fill you in on all of the key players who will make an appearance, along with giving you a quick reference anytime you’re a little unclear about who somebody is or where they came from.

So is this handbook only for those readers who aren’t a walking Marvel encyclopedia? Not at all. It’s an interesting read in its own right, something which will appeal to more than just completionists or newcomers to comics. It’s fun to flick through and remember characters or events from long in the past, as well as a handy first appearance guide to each character, allowing readers the opportunity to learn a little more about characters they’re interested in.

Just to recap, if you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed by the number of different symbiotes out there and references then it’s a no brainer, pick this up. If you’re familiar with most of the characters and story but occasionally find the need to head over to Wikipedia, then pick this up. If you’re a die-hard Venom superfan then there’ll still be something in here for you, well written and entertaining, there’s bound to be something in here you’ve forgotten. The ultimate guide to everything symbiote.

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