Buffy: Faith #1

by Nick Devonald on February 23, 2021

Writer: Jeremy Lambert
Artist: Eleonora Carlini
Colours: Mattia Iacono
Letters: Jim Campbell

After Faiths recent introduction to the Buffyverse it’s time to get an origin story for her. So here we are, an extended one-shot getting readers up to speed on what’s been happening with Faith before her appearance in Sunnydale. After being paired with Jordie Bellaire for the earlier Hellmouth event, and the previous few issues of Buffy, Jeremy Lambert takes on solo writing duties with this issue. He does, for the most part, tell an entertaining story which gives us a faith very different from the one viewers will know from the TV series, yet also recognisably Faith. Initially the direction he takes the story in might seem a bit unexpected to readers, but as the story progresses it's clear he's got a good grasp on Faith and has found a creative way to explore her character. There’s a bit of a mystery at play in this issue, which slowly unfolds over the course of the story, and feels much more integral to the larger Buffy plot than an introduction to Faith might suggest.

The Faith which readers meet here is a bit of a film buff, and it’s through film that we learn a great deal about this potential Slayer. There are aspects of her which will be familiar for readers, but she doesn’t quite have the same attitude and sassiness from the TV series. The watchers council play a role here, with more than a few references and Easter Eggs for fans, but it feels a little forced and more tied into the larger ongoing storyline than an origin story about Faith should necessarily be. We also get to spend a little more time with Wesley, who is incredibly naïve and innocent here. It’s the final couple of pages though that bring a huge twist to the issue. It promises to be incredibly important to the ongoing story, and will delight fans.

Eleonora Carlini takes the reigns once again after her stint on Hellmouth, and it’s always a delight to see her take on the Buffyverse characters. She does a fantastic job of capturing Faiths rebelliousness and attitude, while the monsters and demons she draws are horrific and don’t feel constrainted by a TV budget from the 90s. One of the real strengths of her work though are the action scenes. She feels like a natural choice for drawing within the Buffyverse, and has, so far, done the best job of recreating Eliza Dushku for Boom.

Mattia Iacono does a great job with the colours as well. The colours really aid the narrative of the story, without going into spoilers the colour choices help to build and explain the mystery that Lambert is telling, subtle differences which end up being a key storytelling technique.

The origin of one of the best characters from the Buffyverse was always going to be a big deal, but with a few clever ideas Lambert gives us a story which will surprise readers, while still being faithful to her character. Carlini does an excellent job with the art, the action scenes are filled with a fluid energy, and she has some of the best monster designs we’ve seen within the Buffyverse.

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