Thor #12 Review

by Nick Devonald on February 17, 2021

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Nic Klein
Colours: Matt Wilson
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

Donny Cates’ work on Marvel is, by this point, legendary. His love of Thor has been no secret, and he’s giving everything he's got to this series. And it's incredible. In a similar fashion to his work on Venom Cates’ has been planting seeds throughout his time at Marvel which are just beginning to flourish. His work on Doctor Strange and Death of the Inhumans are both tying in closely now to his run on Thor, with the Prey storyline heating up and promising to have plenty of long lasting repercussions for Thor and his world.

A character like Throg, in other hands, would be a source of humour and difficult to take seriously. In Cates’ hands however we have a superhero like no other who is proving to be a real threat to Blake. And in case readers aren’t too clear on Throg and his origin we get a quick recap at the start of the issue, set against a very memorable first page to the comic. While most of the issue is filled with a very memorable battle between Throg, Lockjaw and Blake the last few pages of the issue are filled with some very big twists which will shock readers. It's clear how long this story has been in the works, with the seeds planted years ago. Cates' leaves enough breadcrumbs that it's always a delight to see the different storylines and characters coming together, but it never feels predictable.

Nic Klein’s art has been one of the biggest draws of Thor, there is so much detail in his work, and each page looks absolutely stunning. The epic battle which fills most of this issue gives Klein some very unique backdrops and challenges, which he not only rises to but knocks it completely out of the park. The art is so good that even if the story didn’t live up to it readers would buy the comic to see the incredible artistry. The fact that Cates’ has wrote some of his best work during Thor is not only an added bonus but a reason why this comic is a must have.

Matt Wilson’s colours are the final piece in this stunning collaboration with some incredible creators, and are up to the same high standards that Cates’ and Klein have set. They look fantastic, and this issue in particular gives Wilson the chance to really show off his extensive palette and looks incredible.

Donny Cates is one of Marvels top writers at the moment, and his clear love for Thor has really elevated his work here. One of the best Thor stories in a very long time, Blake is a villain who is more than worthy of taking on Thor. It’s clear that Cates has been planning this series for a long time, and there are even bigger changes and challenges for our heroes ahead. The art from Klein and Wilson is unbelievably good, making this one of the best looking comics currently out there.

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