Redemption #1 Review

by Nick Devonald on February 02, 2021

Writer: Christa Faust
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Colours: Lee Loughridge

The first issue of Redemption introduces readers to a Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi Spaghetti Western and is every bit as action packed as you’d expect, filled with political messages and memorable characters. It makes a hell of an impact, diving headfirst into a story which lets readers catch up as they read along. The fusion of Sci-Fi and Western makes an interesting and memorable impression from the first page and this is a world that is dying to be explored in greater detail. But the world-building takes second stage, this is a character driven story first and foremost, and having such a unique and inspired backdrop to the story is an added incentive to buy this comic.

Christa Faust knows how to write an interesting and compelling story, beginning with an incredible introduction to this world. Within the first few pages we’re introduced to a heroine that readers will instantly root for. When we meet her she’s being whipped by the towns sheriff for what he views as a heinous crime: helping an underage rape victim having an abortion. It’s such an effective introduction to the comic, the stakes and the world are introduced, and we have a clear sense of right and wrong. Watching the sheriff bully the young girl into accusing the doctor of killing her baby is horrific, and instantly gets the reader invested in the story. And all this in just the first few pages. Once Faust really gets into the meat of the story it’s clear she has a well realised story set against some excellent worldbuilding.

The art from Mike Deodato Jr. is, as always, fantastic. It instantly brings to mind a Western, the world is bleak and sand filled, yet it’s infused with Sci-Fi elements. Their inclusion is subtle and doesn’t feel out of place, even when the majority of the setting looks like it should be in the past. It works really well. There is also a real cinematic feel to some of the panels which really capture the Western vibe, it’s easy to imagine a number of these pages on the big screen. Lee Loughridge’s colours are equally good, everything is coloured with a dusty yellow that instantly recalls the desert setting and gives it a real post-apocalyptic vibe.

An incredible introduction to a well realised world, interesting characters in a unique setting makes for a compelling and exciting new comic. This wasteland of a world feels like a rich tapestry for a storyteller, but even without this backdrop the story being told is exciting and one that readers will find themselves invested in. Hopefully this mini-series will pave the way for future stories told here. Pick this comic up, you won’t regret it.

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