Venom #32 Review

by Nick Devonald on January 06, 2021

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Iban Coello
Colours: Jesus Aburtov
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Donny Cates has, in his time with Venom, not only added to the symbiote mythology but has totally rewritten it, crafting it into a new and exciting direction. One of the biggest achievements was introducing Knull, the creator of the symbiotes, and making him an important fixture in Marvel history. Just when we think that he’s gone as far as he can with exploring the symbiote mythology along comes an issue like this, which not only expands on everything we know but ties up little threads he’s left dangling since the story began. Codex’s have played an important part, especially in last years Absolute Carnage event, and with this years King In Black event he’s showing the reader there’s even more to them than we realised.

Of course one of the important questions about this issue in particular was how Cates’ would pick up the story following on from the shock ending of King In Black #2. No spoilers, as always, but needless to say he not only takes it in a really clever way it’s also guaranteed to surprise readers and not fall into familiar, stale comic book tropes. It also gives Cates’ an opportunity to explore other characters who are important to the larger Venom mythology who haven’t necessarily played a big role in his run, and the reveal on the final page is sure to get fans talking.

The King In Black event is shaping up nicely, really upping the stakes and bringing it home to readers that Knull is one of the biggest threats that the Marvel universe has faced. Yet despite this Cates’ manages to make this a character driven story, focusing nicely on Eddie Brock and not letting him get lost amongst the massive event.

Iban Coello has done an incredible job in what must have been a hugely challenging script. He’s shown throughout his tenure on Venom that he knows how to draw a good symbiote story, but with this issue he takes it all to a new level. The Earth has been taken over. Symbiotes are everywhere. Then there’s a new depth to the symbiote mythology which comes with its own unique challenges. The art is stunning and a real highlight of the issue. Jesus Aburtov’s colours are equal to the art and he does an excellent job bringing this symbiote infested world to life, nicely pairing blacks and reds with that familiar feel of the Venom series.

Another outstanding issue in an incredible run on Venom, essential reading for the King In Black event and for Marvel fans at large. Cates continues to expand and explore the Venom mythology and fans will love the direction he’s taking in this issue, with both Venom and Brock, as well as the overall symbiote mythology. And as if excellent storytelling wasn’t enough we have fantastic art from Coello and Aburtov.

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