Grendel, Kentucky #4 Review

by Nick Devonald on December 23, 2020

Writer: Jeff McComsey
Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards
Colours: Tommy Lee Edwards
Letters: John Workman

The last issue did a great job of explaining what was happening in Grendel, as well as wrapping up all the loose ends and ending the story. Or so readers thought, but then the last pages revealed that there was another creature in the mine. The concluding issue of Grendel Kentucky is mostly an epic showdown between Marnie and the beast which has been haunting the town of Grendel, Kentucky. It immediately brings back echoes of Ripley facing off with the Alien Queen at the end of Aliens and it evokes the same feelings brilliantly. It is an epic showdown and rewards readers for sticking with the story.

There are some nice parallels here between Marnies story and the creatures, which are cleverly done and continue right up until the last page. It gives the series a unique spin, and while stories about human sacrifices have been done before it helps this one feel like a new idea and different from other, similar stories. There’s a scene where the readers see flashbacks which echo the current storyline which is excellently done. And the ending is brilliant, the last few panels will haunt the reader long after they've put the comic down and linger in their minds.

Tommy Lee Edwards has done a fantastic job with the art, he has a very unique style which ends up being incredibly effective at bringing the town of Grendel and its inhabitants to life. But it’s the action scenes between Marnie and the creature where the art ends up really coming to life. The action feels real and visceral and is excellently done. The colours are also expertly done, scenes set in the old mine with the only Lightsource being a flare are dark and foreboding, filled with menace. Then we have John Workmans letters making the scene loud and filled with noise, a nice touch which is far too often overlooked in comics. It does a great job of bringing the action to life in quite a unique way.

A satisfying end to an excellent horror series, one of the best comic showdowns in recent history. The action continues to be filled with noise and the reader can practically hear the sounds, which is an excellent touch that is all too often overlooked. It all comes together to be a rather unique horror story that manages to evoke the same feelings of some of the greatest horror stories.

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