Thor #10 Review

by Nick Devonald on December 02, 2020

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Nic Klein
Colours: Matt Wilson
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

After the first part of Prey reintroduced readers to Donald Blake, in a clever way so that more recent readers can follow along with the convulted history, this second issue spends time letting the reader know why he’s a villain to truly be feared, and more than a match for Thor whenever that inevitable showdown will occur later in the series. We also delve deeper into his insanity, in such a way that readers will actually be able to sympathise with him, even as he takes on Thors allies and shows what a threat he is.

Donny Cates is one of the best writers at Marvel at the moment, and his work continues to get better and better. Since taking over the reigns of Thor he’s produced some absolutely outstanding storytelling and he’s on top form here. He not only understands how to tell an incredible story, each page is exciting and well written, he also knows how to give readers exactly what they want. Thor’s allies waste no time in hunting for the missing King and the battles that ensue will delight fanboys. The final few pages of the story builds up the tension and dread in an unbelievable way, and leaves readers on the edge of their seats. So much of Cates’ storytelling is subtle and effective, but this is one of the best sequences he’s wrote.

It’s quite clear that we have a creative team who are all on the same page here and understand each others strengths and capabilities, and really play to that. We have some incredible double page spreads from Nic Klein, his artwork has been something incredibly special throughout, and Cates is making the absolute most out of his talent here. The double page spreads have a series of panels along the bottom, which serve to really push the story on while giving readers the opportunity to really enjoy the massive spreads that Klein makes look effortless and incredible.

Matt Wilson’s colours are every bit as incredible as Klein’s art. They make a fantastic team and are producing one of the best looking comics on the market. Wilson’s bright colours really embrace the more fairy-tale aspects of Thor’s story, Asgard and the rainbow bridge in particular looks phenomenal, yet when we’re on Earth or other realms the colours switch accordingly and looks truly stunning.

Fans of Thor will love Cates’ run on the series, and this arc, Prey, looks to be one of the best yet. He’s managed to introduce readers to a villain who is not only Thor’s equal, but looks to be his superior. The writing is amongst Cates’ best, readers will love every page of this comic. The art team of Klein and Wilson have to be one of the best in modern comics, and pairing them with Cates’ storytelling make this an unmissable comic.

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