Old Haunts #5 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 28, 2020

Writers: Ollie Masters & Rob Williams
Artist: Laurence Campbell
Colours: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Sal Cipriano

Here we are, the epic conclusion to Old Haunts, the crazy fusion of gangster story and supernatural haunting. After the ending of the last issue we’d reached a point where all that was left was a final showdown between all the major players in the series, with the only certainty being that there are no certainties other than there would be blood. Justice is definitely served here in large portions, and each character manages to get a send off which feels fitting and deserved. To find out how that plays out though you’ll need to read this issue.

Ollie Masters and Rob Williams understand how to tell a story with a clear beginning, middle and end. There’s something quite satisfying about how this issue ends, and it manages to leave a chill as the reader reaches the last page. The supernatural elements which have been teased throughout really come to the fore, and the haunting in the title feels justified. All the mysteries are solved, the story nicely wrapped up, and in a nice touch it feels like a complete story has been told. There’s no openings for sequel series later on, it feels whole, and in an industry which can be guilty of just churning out sequels and follow ups for the sake of it it’s nice not to feel like that’s what we have on our hands here.

The art from Laurence Campbell, and colours from Lee Loughridge, have been incredible throughout the series. Campbell really makes the most of the supernatural elements here, bringing a nice horror vibe to the series and showing off skills he honed during his time on B.P.R.D. The violence is swift and brutal, the haunting is horrific and will linger in the readers mind after they’ve finished reading. The setting of a night-time desert is perfect for the story, Loughridge’s colours which have been stunning throughout reach a new level here, from the colour of the sky to the bright torchlight against the darkness the colours look incredible.

A really satisfying conclusion to an inspired fusion of gangsters and horror, fans of the series will not be disappointed with how it wraps up. The conclusion is brutal but justified, and it feels like each character is given their own ending. Campbell and Loughridge have made an incredible team with the art throughout the series which has helped create a unique and inspired feel to the series and if anything they take it to a whole new level with this concluding issue.

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