Bad Mother #3 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 14, 2020

Writer: Christa Faust
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Colours: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Dezi Sienty

With the third issue of Bad Mother we get to see exactly how resourceful a mother can be when her daughters life is on the line. There is a singlemindedness and dogged determination around April when it comes to her daughter, and the previous two issues have shown the reader she is taking the law into her own hands. But it’s not until this issue that things really begin to heat up. Following on from her inspired investigation in the previous issue April now has a target in mind and is prepared to do whatever’s necessary to rescue Taylor.

Christa Faust does an incredible job with the characterisation of April, she really does come across as a typical suburban mother who’s been placed in an impossible situation. On the surface of it April has an impossible task ahead of her, she’s poorly equipped to deal with the threat she faces and is seriously under gunned. But she is resourceful in a way that mothers often find they need to be, the only exception is the unusual target in the form of a gang who deal with the trafficking of girls. The series has been great up to this point but this issue takes it to a whole new level, the tension quietly ramps up as the issue goes on, and it’s difficult to predict where this series will go.

Mike Deodato Jr.’s art is always fantastic, and this issue is no different. One of Deodato Jr.’s strengths is the way each of his characters feel like real people, they’re not stunning models, they’re the type of people you would pass in the street and not take a second glance. They’re flawed and human. Not only that but the appearance of the character tells the reader so much about the character without the need for exposition. There is a barely controlled rage underlying Aprils face that the reader can practically feel off the page, it’s exemplary work from Deodato.

Lee Loughridge’s colours are also always stunning, and this issue is no different. Whatever challenges are thrown at him he does an incredible job with the colours, equally at home with the same scene during a brightly lit day as he is recreating it at night with ominous shadows.

With Bad Mother Christa Faust has created a realistic world filled with believable characters, and April is a convincing character on the trail of her daughters kidnappers. It’s a delight seeing April make clever use of the limited resources she has and it’s going to be exciting to see her continue on her daughters trail and what comes next. The art team of Mike Deodato Jr. and Lee Loughridge is fantastic and the incredible art is the icing on the cake of this comic.

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