Thor #8 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 07, 2020

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Aaron Kuder
Colours: Matt Wilson
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

This is the concluding part of the Hammerfall story arc, and perhaps after the way the last issue seemed to be addressing Thor’s problems with Mjolnir head on perhaps expectations were a little high for this second part, because rather than giving any concrete answers to why Mjolnir is getting heavier for Thor, while lighter for everyone else regardless of worthiness, all this second part does is confirm everything the reader already knew. If anything it feels like this two part story could have been condensed into a one-shot, the reader would learn everything they needed to without a second issue feeling mostly like filler.

Not to say that this is a bad issue, not even close. But going in with high expectations, expecting answers teased since the beginning of Donny Cates’ run on Thor, will only lead to disappointment. There are some nice scenes between Thor and the mechanic who happened to pick up the hammer, there are some fun scenes between Thor and Iron Man and a reminder that Thor is so much more than just Mjolnir, he’s the God of Thunder with or without his magic hammer. There are some great, fan pleasing moments in this issue, it just ends up feeling a little bit of an anti-climax after the first part of the story.

Cates’ also manages to continue to build up suspense and tease us with Thor’s future, he’s grown so effective at doing this it leaves the reader desperate to read the next issue as soon as they’ve finished. It’s early days in his run, and as he’s shown with Venom Cates plans events well in advance, sometimes years before they’re fully realised, making each issue compulsive reading as we wait for the next.

Aaron Kuder is, once again, guest artist on this issue. He does a great job with both Thor and Iron Man, and there is an incredible double page spread with the pair of them which is sure to delight fans. Another scene, with Thor hinting at his powers, is another highlight of the issue. There are a number of great panels, one capturing the joy on the mechanics face, which really stand out from the crowd. An artist worthy of filling in for series regular Nic Klein. Then we have Matt Wilson’s colours, which have been particularly impressive throughout this run, and act as the glue between the different artists on this run. The way he colours lightening and the rainbow bridge are particular highlights.

Readers coming to this issue expecting answers from the previous issue will unfortunately find themselves disappointed. Readers coming to this issue looking for more of Donny Cates excellent run on Thor will find a number of fan pleasing moments within, just don’t come looking for answers. There is some great art in this issue and a few panels in particular will really stand out from the crowd.

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