The Resistance #5 Review

by Nick Devonald on September 10, 2020

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Colours: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Sal Cipriano

One of the greatest strengths of The Resistance has been the way that J. Michael Straczynski has never lost sight of the smaller, more human tales being told in this epic sweeping story of a virus ravaging the planet, and the powered beings rising in the wake of the virus. For as big and bold a story as is being told here, it’s the smaller stories which ground this tale. He expertly sucks readers into these smaller tales, filled with characters the reader hasn’t met, regardless of the fact these smaller tales don’t affect the larger narrative. Not only does it make for excellent reading but it also cements the fact that this series is only the beginning of this shared universe. There is a feeling that these brief cameo’s may be serving to introduce characters whose presence will become more important as the world expands.

This issue does another important job which is to introduce the readers to The Resistance, and how that will look in practice. While over the course of the series the reader has been slowly introduced to this idea of The Resistance, it’s been vague until this point just what it would look like. This force for change has only been ideas and concepts, but now Straczynski shows us the reality. It makes for an exciting comic which feels vastly different to any other superhero comic out there. We also get an opportunity to see some of these superheroes in action and it lives up to readers expectations.

What is interesting about the series as a whole is the way that at first glance a lot of these ideas have been explored before, but Straczynski manages to put his own unique spin on it and turn this series into something completely new and exciting. What is inherently clear is there’s nothing predictable about the series, or the directions that the future will take us. There are some exciting premises which underline this new, shared superhero universe, and exploring these in greater depth is something guaranteed to excite readers.

Mike Deodato Jr.’s art has been incredible throughout the series, but as we progress further on we get to see more of these superheroes in action and the art goes to a whole new level. But the action sequences aren’t even the highlight of his art, the characters expressions bring them to life in an incredible way and help the reader to immediately understand all of the various new characters being introduced. Pairing his art with Lee Loughridge’s colours is a stroke of genius. Scene’s near the beginning which feature a flaming superhero dazzle with their brightness, which contrast nicely with darker scenes set in seedy alleyways. It all combines to make a comic which really stands out amongst its peers.

The penultimate issue of one of the most original and ground-breaking superhero universes out there, it’s going to be exciting to see where this series, and the larger shared universe, go from here. An incredible human story which tells a vast and epic story. There are exciting ideas and concepts on show here, and this may well be the best origin story for a new shared universe. Pick this comic up, you won’t regret it.

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