Action Journalism #4 Review

by Nick Devonald on May 14, 2020

Writer: Eric Skillman
Artist: Miklós Felvidéki

Action Journalism #4 carries on the theme of being really good fun that the previous three issues have managed really well, along with throwing a few surprise twists in as well which keep the reader on their toes. This is a two part story, with next weeks #5 concluding the story, as well as being the end of the tale for the time being. Judging by the quality of all the issues so far it’s fair to say this is a series we’ll be seeing returning at some point in the near future.

This issue focuses on superheroes, the Valiant Volunteer whose been teased a little in previous issues. Rather than being something to excite Kate Kelly she views this latest assignment as a punishment. The issue appears to be telling a rather traditional Clark Kent/Superman story but it soon turns out to be anything but. The cliff-hanger ending works really well and I’m excited to see where the next issue takes us.

This issue probably plays it safer than most of the other issues. We don’t have any outlandish settings, no alien armadas or fantasy lands here, but if anything it feels like a setup for the craziest story of all in the concluding issue. It also reads a lot more like a satire of the superhero genre which is a breath of fresh air for the industry.

One of the great strengths of this series is its consistency. When reviewing most series each issue has strengths or weaknesses, perhaps the writing is better, or there are plot holes, the artist does something incredible, or drops the ball. Action Journalism is consistently good. If you enjoyed the first few issues you’ll enjoy this one too, it keeps its strengths going and each issue makes for a great bit of escaspism. The only downside of this from a review point of view is it makes each issue challenging to not be a repeat of the previous review.

The art from Miklós Felvidéki is as fantastic as ever. As always the way the comic catches the feel of a newspaper is pure genius and the final product is sharp and well done. The brief appearances of the Valiant Volunteer in previous issues has been good, but as we spend more time with him in this issue you can appreciate Felvidéki’s design for him. On the one hand it’s a nod to golden age comics, on the other it’s a satirical take on them. It also firmly establishes that the hero of our story is 100% Kate Kelly.

Action Journalism has had a consistently good run, a great piece of escapism, a wonderful parody of the golden age comics it emulates while also being a good read in its own rights. As the penultimate issue in the series the only thing that’s lacking is the exposure so that more issues are made. The newspaper design is excellent and the final issue is setup to be as good as the rest of the series.

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