Hawkeye: Freefall #4

by Nick Devonald on March 11, 2020

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Otto Schmidt
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

In another life Matthew Rosenberg isn’t a comic book writer, he’s a stand-up comedian. This series has been funny throughout, with some real laugh out loud moments. This issue has the hands down funniest moment in the series yet though. Guaranteed you will be in stitches after reading the first couple of pages. It doesn’t mean that this series is lighter than other comic fare, it’s dark in places. It’s just that you’ll be peeing yourself with laughter past these dark places.

Now that the reader is on how Clint has been Clint and Ronin at the same time it means this issue can focus a little more on Clint trying to fool his friends into believing he isn’t Ronin. It’s hilarious watching everything continually going wrong and Hawkeye doing his best, and failing miserably, to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Another highlight of this series has been the number of cameos from other superheroes. This issue has even more appearances in and works incredibly well. We also get a throwback to a “classic” Hawkeye costume in here.

I’ve accused past issues of Hawkeye: Freefall of just being a good time, and praised it as such, but as the series progresses it’s clear that’s not true. Yes, it is good fun, and incredibly funny, but equally there is another, darker theme, running throughout. It centres around justice not being carried out. Focusing on the Hood and his continual avoidance of the justice system.

At the same time if all you want is a good time and a laugh this comic is for you.

Otto Schmidt’s art is perfectly suited to the tone of this story. He captures Hawkeye’s facial expressions exactly right every time and is just as responsible for the humour throughout the story as Rosenberg’s writing is. I always have a lot of respect for those artists who are responsible for everything including the colours, it’s an impressive feat. He gets the chance to draw a whole host of Marvel characters in this series as well and does such a great job you instantly know who you’re facing.

The gag on the first couple of pages is worth the price of admission alone. The fact that the rest of the issue is just as funny and a good time is an added bonus. One of the funniest comics I’ve ever read. On a parallel earth Matthew Rosenberg’s making his living as a comedian. Otto Schmidt’s art takes the humour, and action packed scenes, to the next level. You won’t stop laughing from the moment you open this comic till the last page. And maybe for a few minutes after as well. The Hawkeye/Ronin plot gets more complicated and convoluted with each issue, and that’s half the fun of it.

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