Criminal (2019) #7 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 27, 2019

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Sean Phillips
Colorist: Jacob Phillips
Publisher: Image Comics

It’s a safe bet that every month’s issue of Criminal will be entertaining. Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Jacob Phillips are in the process of creating an exciting and intricate story that keeps readers on their toes every month. As we are told at the end of this issue, we’re “meant to be reading closely and filling in some of the blanks” ourselves. This kind of storytelling always has the potential to be too confusing or too boring. Fortunately, this team has proved to us in the past that they can handle telling this story perfectly and this new arc is showing off this skill even more. 

The fact that this is the third part of this arc of a twelve part arc is incredible. This story is fantastic and it is really amazing knowing that this is still basically the start of this complex story. 

This third part of Cruel Summer, the current arc, follows Ricky and his thoughts after Teeg came home with Jane. I am really enjoying being in Ricky’s mind because it is extremely interesting to read about how he processes the dysfunction of his childhood as well as his current situation. It feels very real and affects me as such. I’ve sympathized with Ricky before this issue, but this issue gives us a little bit deeper look into who he is and why.

Even though this issue focused on Ricky, Brubaker essentially used him to also help us focus on Teeg and Jane as well. I’m very excited to see how the couple is planning on moving forward with their extravagant life together. 

Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips have given us so many great issues of artwork in this new series and that pattern continues with this issue as well. The issue’s visuals are grimey, dark, beautiful, and sad which adds to the drama of the already gloomy and mysterious story. It is continually impressive how much of this story can be told through its illustrations and colors. 

Criminal’s seventh issue is another gritty and exciting issue with plenty of hints to other parts of the story that have me ecstatic for more of the series. Criminal is the series I most look forward to every month and as long as this team continues to put out excellent issues like this one and the previous six, it’ll hold on to that place. 

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