Murder Falcon #5 Review

by Nathan Koffler on February 13, 2019

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Letterers: Daniel Warren Johnson and Rus Wooton
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Publisher: Image Comics

“I’m gonna lose my mind, this is so cool!”

Murder Falcon is seriously one of a kind and I am pretty damn sure that it is going to go on to be read for a long time. This series has everything it needs to be a classic and issues like this fifth one cement make me more secure in that belief.

Despite this series starting out as a great series that I thought would remain pretty formulaic, its turned out to be a complex, thrilling, and beautiful story. We’re getting to see the emotional aspects of the story unfold in this issue which is adding a great new layer to the story. Even with some scenes of emotional dialogue, there is still a ton of monsters and battling. Daniel Warren Johnson has mastered how to give us a little bit of everything in each issue and he beautifully did so in this fifth issue.

Each issue’s artwork has been incredible, but Johnson may have outdone himself with this issue. The very interesting monsters look great in this issue and the battle scenes are absolutely busy and mind-blowing, especially with Mike Spicer’s colors. The page showing the group watching the VHS was the highlight of the issue with its strange variety of colors and amazing big creepy letters.

This story is getting a lot more intricate and it is helping the series become much more well-rounded. It didn’t need any help as it was already a great story, but these added layers are really boosting its charm and its artistry and is making me more and more invested with each issue.

Murder Falcon #5 is a wild ride and an unveiling of so much more that Daniel Warren Johnson seems to have up his sleeve. It’s absolutely exciting to watch this story unfold and as long it continues to be this good, it will remain one of my favorite current series.

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