Exorsisters #3 Review

by Nathan Koffler on December 19, 2018

Writer: Ian Boothby
Artist: Gisèle Lagacé
Colorist: Pete Pantazis
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: Image Comics

Exorsisters is a comic book series that is skilled in surprises. I adored it’s first issue and it’s fun adventurous story, I loved it’s second issue with it’s deep look into Cate and Kate’s history, and now I absolutely love this third issue. Exorsisters #3 not only dives into some very interesting romantic history of Cate's, but also uses all of this to build up to what seems to be the start of an exciting war that will involve Cate and Kate fighting some demons.

Exorsister’s biggest strength is the creativity of Ian Boothby and Gisèle Lagacé. Boothby’s storytelling continues to captivate by keeping me guessing. Just when I think that the story is going to be a safe and predictable one, Boothby surprises me with more depth than I expected. The entire narrative with Cate’s mom that showed up in the second issue was unexpected but was also very well received by my heart. Then, Boothby does the same thing with this third issue by unfolding a different story that promises to deliver something entertaining.

All of these things that Boothby does with this story is helped by how much I love the characters and how much more I continue to fall in love with them. The structure of one “straight” character and one humorous and reckless one may be used a lot but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be great. Boothby has found a way to make this character partnership fresh and enjoyable.

Back to Gisèle Lagacé’s creativity, Boothby can write an original story with a lot of unique ideas, but Lagacé’s ability to create these visuals with such talent is so impressive. Lagacé’s artwork captures the bizarreness of the story while also producing the images that capture the humor of the story. The monsters, demons, and human characters are all so fascinating and amusing. This third issue displays more  of her hilarious and unsettling scenarios and characters. 

Exorsisters continues to give me what I don’t expect from it while also giving me everything that I want. Exorsisters #3 is a great example of this by being a satisfying look into Cate’s past and a perfect setup to something exciting.

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