Murder Falcon #2 Review

by Nathan Koffler on November 14, 2018

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Rus Wooton and Daniel Warren Johnson
Publisher: Image Comics

If you're ever interested in reading a series with an amazing first issue that keeps the momentum at full speed through the second issue, Murder Falcon is that series. After an intense first issue full of monster fighting and heavy metal, this second issue is a great next chapter with plenty of it’s own monster fighting and heavy metal.

For this series, Daniel Warren Johnson has created characters that both pull at my heart strings and pump me up at the same time. Jake is fantastically written as a badass with some heavy emotional baggage and this dissonance works extremely well teamed up with a giant monster fighting falcon with a bionic arm. I imagine a lot of people can relate to Jake in different ways which makes watching him overcome his struggles to shred for the good of mankind empowering.

Murder Falcon is just as interesting but in different ways than Jake. If I stop and think about it too much, I will get impatient and want to know why he is the way he is, what created him, what is his end goal. Those answers may come, but as of right now, I read this second issue with the same speed metal playing in my head the entire time while I watched Murder Falcon destroy some ugly monsters and I enjoyed every bit of it.

This second issue revealed some of the details of whatever is going on between Jake and Murder Falcon. Murf explains to recruited bassist Johann a little bit about the connections between the instruments and creatures. I enjoy this kind of outrageous backstory added to this already extraordinary story because it makes the epic story even more adventurous and legendary.

Daniel Warren Johnson also dives a little more into the emotional aspects of the story in this issue. Jake and Johann’s chemistry gets stronger as the issue goes forward as Jake lets go of a little bit of the trauma that has been overpowering him. This entire narrative makes the series not just an action-packed monster story, but also a passionate story about a musician with something to overcome.

I absolutely adore this issue and it causes me to be amazed with the talent of Daniel Warren Johnson. This story he created and wrote is fantastic and the art is gorgeous and fun. His creativity oozes out of every page of this gnarly second issue.

Murder Falcon #2 is a wild ride that perfectly adds to the entertaining story that the first issue set up. The issue has everything that made the first issue great with an added depth that pulls us deeper into this tale of heavy metal and heroism.

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