Empowered and Sistah Spooky's High School Hell #6 Review

by Nathan Koffler on October 17, 2018

Writer: Adam Warren
Artist: Carla Speed McNeil
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Well, here we are at the end of the bizarre and chaotic mini-series Empowered and Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell. These six issues have been a wild ride and I’m sad to see that it is over. But the consolation is that this final issue is a fantastic ending to this story that I have grown so close to. This entire last issue is a huge battle scene between Sistah Spooky and the last two blondes, Ashley and Ashlee. The first five issues were perfectly strange and energetic and this last issue sends us off with a strange and energetic ending.

It is obvious that Adam Warren has had a lot of fun writing these characters of his again in a crazy labyrinth full of evil blondes. I mean, how could he not enjoying writing that story? And I am glad that he took on this project and enjoyed it because I have been entertained by it every step of the way.

In this conclusion, a lot of things from Spooky’s past are stirred up and it is quite emotional. I was surprised by how emotional this issue was because the previous issues would touch on those upsetting topics from Spooky’s life but would never throw them into our faces with full force. Well, Warren did just that in this last issue and it was the perfect moment for it.

The entire mini-series was so much fun to me because of how much was constantly going on in every panel. It feels like Warren also took that feature and turned it up in this last issue. It is never too much going on at once because he has perfected this amazing and chaotic storytelling with this series. There is always the right amount of things happening at once that make reading this issue feel like there is speed metal playing in the back of my mind.

Carla Speed McNeil has very impressively kept up with Warren’s storytelling in this mini-series and she has done so wonderfully. Once again, her artwork shines in this final issue with some incredible visuals that make this last battle scene very intense and very beautiful. Her illustrations are lively which gives the story even more energy that keep the issue entertaining.

Adam Warren wraps up this mini-series with another fantastic entry to this peculiar and exciting story. This final issue has everything that made the previous ones so great: drama, violence, and plenty of emotional battles. Everything about this issue has a beautiful sense of finality to it that helps make this a perfect last issue.

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