Cold Spots #2 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 26, 2018

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Mark Torres
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Image Comics

After a very creepy and mysterious first issue, Cold Spots follows up with a solid second issue featuring a few answered questions. Don’t get me wrong, this issue is still full of mystery and the answered questions actually just lead to more unanswered questions. This type of storytelling is so much fun because it has me always trying to solve the mystery as if it is a typical crime story. But this is not just another detective story, this is a dark and cryptic ghost story that runs deep.

Dan is still trying to get to Quarrels Island when we pick back up with him but he has run into some trouble. We saw what that situation was at the end of the first issue and it is now being investigated by the police. This is all quite baffling because the police and everyone in this small town continue to act like the completely unnatural cold weather that takes over the town once a year is just something that happens. Dan isn’t getting any answers in this issue which means we don’t get any of those answers either.

My longing for answers are not a bad thing at all though because now that Dan has reached the island, I am even more curious than before. The little bit of information Dan gets opens up so many possible explanations and I am so excited to have it all revealed. Cullen Bunn can build a story extremely well, especially when it is a creepy one and he is building this one perfectly. The pace is excellent which is keeping the story fresh page after page.

I am sure that I mentioned how much creepier the first issue was because of Mark Torres’ artwork. The previous issue had several moments that were scary because of how eerie the artwork was. This issue has less of that and more of something else that is really impressive. Torres set a constant tone for this second issue and that tone is dark, cold, and chilling. It is incredible how he is able to make the temperature of the pages look cold while steadily keeping the story moving.

Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres have delivered another amazing horror comic book issue with a dark story that is full of depth. The story continues to become more interesting with every little bit that Bunn reveals and it hasn’t lacked momentum yet. This second issue is a very entertaining follow up to a fantastic debut issue and I am overly eager for more.

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