Cemetery Beach #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 12, 2018

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Howard
Letterer: Fofografiks
Publisher: Image Comics

Seeing that Warren Ellis is the writer for a new series published by Image Comics with Jason Howard doing the art is plenty enough to pique my interest so I was excited to get my hands on this first issue of Cemetery Beach. The preview images showed the main character in an interrogation room in what I believe to be in space. That preview and the description made me interested in what this series had in store.

However, I was a little disappointed in this first issue and I honestly think it is a little bit my fault by building up expectations. They advertised this as a high-speed action comic and we got just that, a short comic book that is pretty much only an action sequence of our main character escaping. The action is well-done for sure, but after the preview images of some incredible dialogue, I was expecting more story from this issue. As of now, the only story that this first issue sets up is a pretty generic one unfortunately.

Jason Howard’s unique style does give the issue some more credit from me because he creates some beautiful action scenes. The visuals are exactly what I expected and fulfilled my expectations of Howard. His artwork added excitement to a story that I wasn’t that interested in.

Overall, there just isn’t a whole lot here in this first issue of Cemetery Beach and that is a pretty big disappointment. Warren Ellis’ story for the rest of this series may be amazing, but we got pretty much none of it in this issue. All we know so far is that a big buff hero is attempting to escape people with guns and flying droids and that pretty much sums the whole thing up. Jason Howard’s artwork is beautiful as expected, but his art can only carry a story so much. I will see if the rest of the series unfolds to reveal the great storytelling that I know and expect from Ellis, but at the moment, this issue is a dud for me.

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