House Amok #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 29, 2018

Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Shawn McManus
Publisher: Black Crown

It seems that we are getting a lot of really good indie horror comics coming out lately and I am thoroughly enjoying it. House Amok is one of those many series that I knew nothing about until the week that it was coming out which allowed me to walk into the story completely blind. Most of the time, this technique works out but there are times that it makes me think negatively about the comic book. This series was actually very intriguing and delightful with no knowledge of the plot so it fortunately worked out this week.

House Amok #1 surprised me by how interesting the concept was and how little they revealed while still giving us a lot of content. The story is about twin sisters and their family who are traveling around hunting down different strange phenomenons in the world. But one of the twin sisters is seeing the things that her family are doing differently which is causing her to silently become an outsider. 

The characters are all very amusing and I can’t help but be drawn in to follow along on their journey. Christopher Sebela also makes the issue flow smoothly by having the entire thing narrated by Dylan, the twin I mentioned above, who is writing the story in her journal. This allows us to partake in the activities that her family does while also seeing them from Dylan’s perspective, which is very much an outsider’s perspective. 

The story gets more and more interesting as it goes on and I loved how I finally started to put a lot of pieces together after I finished reading the issue. The issue is also packed with a lot of substance that makes the reading experience fulfilling.

Shawn McManus' artwork in this issue is fascinating because he illustrates the characters and the settings in a way that is kind of surreal. Every single scene has a different atmosphere to it and it helps create a slight sense of dread as we walk further into this unknown. The few times that he illustrates anything paranormal in the issue, the art is unsettling and adds a lot of excitement to the story.

This first issue of House Amok is strong and full of content that is beautiful and captivating. The story and the artwork are both very original and they work together to produce a creepy and exciting debut issue. I am eager to see where this team takes this series because I believe that this solid first issue is a sign that it is going to stay this entertaining. 

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