Cold Spots #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 22, 2018

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Mark Torres
Publisher: Image

I went into Cold Spots without knowing anything about it except that it was written by Cullen Bunn who I am a fan of. It is such a nice experience going into something blind and discovering that you love it. That’s my story with Cold Spots #1, a new series published by Image.

The issue’s first page really impressed me because of the gray and black colors of everything on it. I always feel that when comic books do minimal color well, it does a good job of setting the tone for comic. The first couple of pages are beautifully illustrated and colored. There isn’t much dialogue but there is just enough to make it pretty spooky and I fell in love with the story immediately.

I figured the entire issue would go for the gray and black color scheme but the next scene is full of an eerie purple, yellow, and black and the scene after that is full of a dramatic green, blue, and black combination. Mark Torres just kept impressing me with every page because with all of the black and shades of other colors, it made the entire atmosphere of the story incredibly creepy. 

Cullen Bunn gives us plenty of story in this first issue without actually saying much. It seems that there is a phenomenon of places getting really cold where ghost-like beings appear. That is about all that we know and that makes the issue really exciting because I am definitely hooked. Everything about Bunn’s storytelling is mysterious and ominous. While it has these spooky vibes to it, Bunn also adds a layer of sadness that is just subtle enough to make the story even darker.

There is a lot to love about this first issue of Cold Spots and it is obvious that this story is going to contain a lot of emotion. This issue is very bleak but in a very beautiful way. Mark Torres has used his art to create some sinister images and his colors to create a very dark atmosphere. Cullen Bunn’s storytelling is chilling and exciting and is perfectly complemented by Torres’ artwork. This is a great first issue of new horror series that I am now extremely excited about.

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