Hey Kids! Comics! #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 08, 2018

Writer: Howard Chaykin
Artist: Howard Chaykin
Colorist: Wil Quintana
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Publisher: Image Comics

Hey Kids! Comics! is a new series published by Image Comics about the comic book industry over the last several decades. The series gives us a look at the industry behind the comics by following the same small group of people in each year we visit. This premise definitely gets interesting because Howard Chaykin seems to be parodying mainstream comic books and their creators. However, despite this being an amusing story to tell, its execution falls flat for me for a lot of reasons.

I tend to be critical about how realistic dialogue is in comic books that are supposed to be kind of realistic. This issue is the start to a series that can almost fall into the subgenre of historical fiction by using realistic characters to tell what seems to be a slightly real story. But the characters cease to be believable to me because it is hard for me to read the dialogue written in this issue without it feeling forced. It is choppy and has no rhythm which stopped the issue from being enjoyable for me.

Along with the dialogue issues, I also just didn’t follow the story itself easily enough to find this issue entertaining. The characters and their roles are kind of confusing especially while jumping back and forth to different years. Even when they aren’t confusing, they just aren’t that interesting or unique. Every person in this issue kind of just blends together in my head and their butchered dialogue doesn’t help that. 

The issue has a raw and independent look to it that makes it a little more appealing to me, despite the fact that I didn’t absolutely love the artwork. Sometimes the look and feel of the issue are a little more rough around the edges than others and sometimes the artwork is a little unalluring. But there are times that the artwork is pleasant and there are times that the atmosphere of the issue are more interesting. 

All in all, this first issue didn’t capture me in the slightest and I doubt that I will give its next issue a chance. I didn’t hate it but I definitely didn’t like and that made it feel like a chore to read. Between the harsh dialogue, uninviting artwork, and bland storytelling, I personally didn’t find anything in this issue that would inspire me to regard this as a great comic book and I definitely didn’t find a reason to continue reading the series. 

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